Coffee Cup Adapter for your iPad 1,2, 3 or 4! Only USD 14.99!


Take your SpiderArm anywhere, you can put it into a Coffee Cup Holder, Car, Boat Plane or Baby Stroller!

This new coffee cup adapter is easy to install. After adding the double-sided tape to your spiderArm adapter, Just place the bottom of the unit down into your cup holder and  let it sit for 24 hours to bond perfectly.  The car should be at least room temperature to get the best bond. Don’t worry, your coffee cup will still go over top of the base mount.  Once bonded, just twist the Cup Adapter in and slide the silicone supports into place for a tight fit. It is best suited for a coffee cup holder of 8 cm/3 inches.

Adapter does not include any additional arms. Use the arms from your SpiderArm to attach it to the Coffee Cup Adapter.


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