SpiderArm™ Announces Quick Release iPad Mount for Extending Modular System to Three Additional Locations






SpiderArm™ Announces Quick Release iPad Mount for Extending Modular System to Three Additional Locations


Put your iPad 1, 2 or 3 Right Where you Want It While Reducing Repetitive Motion Injuries & Improving Overall Usability


Toronto, April 9, 2012 ─ SpiderArm Ltd., the brain trust behind the interchangeable and customizable iPad 1,2 and 3 Mount System, announces it has launched its spiderArm accessory line with its premier Quick Release Mounts.  The mounts allow users to extend their spiderArm systems to three additional hands-free user locations in their home, office or somewhere in between.  Sold in packs of three, the Quick Release Mounts retail for $9.99 and are available at spiderArm.com and Amazon.com. The SpiderArm retails for $49.99 despite its high end construction.


The modular system allows users to create a hands-free viewing set up that provides the most precise and enjoyable experience with their device; therefore reducing potential muscle fatigue, eye strain and neck strain that can occur from extended use of technology devices.


“The beauty of the spiderArm mount system is that it can be customized to each user’s lifestyle and preferences,” commented Tim Henderson, inventor of the SpiderArm. “With the Quick Release Mounts being so easy to install with just two screws and so affordable, your system is now only limited by your creativity so go ahead and add a mount three feet off the ground to entertain Fido while you run errands; place one in the garage so you can watch the big sports game without interruptions; or in the kitchen so you can finally watch those cooking directions step by step and get the recipe right this time!”


The Quick Release Mounts were very quickly in production in response to customers wanting to use their spiderArm both at work and at home without having to purchase an additional base set.


The system includes two base units; a two-way SurfaceMount™ that is padded to protect furniture and can be secured to a table or desk, and a three-way VersaMount™ for securing onto a wall, under a cabinet or near your work station. Much like spiders themselves who can survive in all types of habitats, the SpiderArm system can be used in nearly any environment and the multiple mounts provided in the system means you can move your iPad from room to room – even from home to office – wherever you use your iPad the most.


A pictorial instruction demonstration may be viewed here: http://www.spiderarm.com/products/


Additional spiderArm Product Features Include:


  • Three modular extension arms with 270 degree joints that freely adjust to any angle and height. These arms help the user to “build” a system using either one, two or three of the arms, resulting in a set up that provides a precise, ergonomic and hands-free viewing experience customized just for them.
  • The SpiderArm mount system provides complete versatility that allows the user to place it nearly anywhere and even more so now with the availability of the Quick Release Mounts. The SpiderArm may be used around the home, in the office, or for commercial and professional uses due to its rugged, polycarbonate construction.
  • The secureSnap™ outer casing allows for a quick attachment of the iPad; the device eases onto the base and is snapped onto the unit at all four corners for a secure fit.  This casing is connected to the first and shortest “arm” provided in the system which features a ball joint connection and a 360 degree adjustment knob that provides a secure connection as well as the ability to angle it based on viewing preferences.
  • A fashionable yet durable, quality finish in piano-key white color and soft, anodized-finish aluminum tubes.  Quick Release Mounts are constructed of a clear Polycarbonate that is durable, yet inconspicuous.
  • Under counter mount option keeps iPad safe from harm and away from spills and splashes in the kitchen, in a lab or on your desk.
  • Affordability of the 3-pack Quick Release Mounts allows you to grow your spiderArm system without hesitation.  


Tim Henderson is the creator of the patented design behind the SpiderArm.  His background in design and production are evident in SpiderArm’s superior construction and functionality. The product has been designed to accommodate the user’s personal lifestyle, and accessories are being introduced rapidly by the company to provide even more mobility of the product.


About SpiderArm Ltd.

SpiderArm Ltd was founded in 2011 with the intent to bring the best-in-design and usability to the iPad accessory market.  The company is continuing to research and develop iPad products that provide best in quality, function and innovation for the end user.  For more information, visit http://www.spiderArm.com or call (800) 531-8289.


iPad® is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in theU.S.and other countries.



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